LIFE4 is a goal-oriented progression system designed to measure and push your comprehensive DDR ability.

It is not a direct competition with anyone else, but a way for you to challenge yourself to strengthen your all-around skillset.

Badges will be awarded as you progress through the system. See the Placement section to learn more about how to earn your rank.

How do I participate?

Anyone can enter the LIFE4 Ranking System, and it’s free! You can either join the system through Placement or by fulfilling all of the requirements of a Rank. View each page for more details.

I’ve been ranked, now what?

Congratulations on being placed in the LIFE4 system! You can view your given rank in the Player Rankings section. Your placement rank serves as a place to begin your LIFE4 journey! You can complete the requirements for your placement rank to fully earn that rank, or move on to a higher one if you’re up for the challenge! Placement ranks never expire, but are denoted by a [Placement] icon on the rank list.

Discover Life4

May 5, 2021

Rank Requirements

LIFE4 now includes all of DDR A20! The list of required songs for DDR A20 can be found here. This list will be updated whenever new content is introduced. Extra…
February 28, 2020

Rank Royale

INTRODUCTION LIFE4’s goal is to help players of all skill levels improve through guided challenges and a supportive community.  To that effect, we are hosting a remote team tournament to…
March 12, 2019


Rules All Trials are sets of 4 songs, and must be played in the designated order and difficulty in one single set. To be eligible for any rank, you must…